NAVIGON 1.8 Update: New Maps, Live Traffic, Augmented Reality, On Sale for $34.99

Update 1: Navigon Canada is selling for $34.99, but North America is $44.99.

NAVIGON is one of my favourite iPhone GPS apps. The last time we talked about this app, there was a huge 50% off sale for the North America version for $29.99. This time around, NAVIGON has been updated to 1.8, plus it’s on sale again–but this time, for $34.99 (Navigon Canada only).

Here’s what’s new:

What’s New In Version 1.8.0
✓ All new NAVTEQ map data – A free map update for all users!
✓ Reality Scanner – Augmented Reality based search for interesting places around your position.
✓ TrafficCheck – Traffic information for your route at a glance (only available in countries with Traffic Live).

These updates are essential to any GPS app, as new map data brings fixes and new maps. The augmented reality feature is a nice touch as well. This new sale is not as cheap as $29.99, but for $34.99 you still get a fantastic GPS app in NAVIGON.

If you are looking for an alternative, also check out our review of GoGo Navigator.

Click here to download NAVIGON Canada.

Thanks for the email, Michelle!