NAVIGON Canada, North America Updated for iOS 7 and Goes on Sale

If you are looking for a standalone GPS for your iPhone (no data required) for your future road trips, NAVIGON Canada and North America both have been updated for iOS 7 plus compatibility with Garmin’s Head-Up Display (HUD), which projects your navigation information onto your windshield (it’s pricey at $149).

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What’s New in Version 2.6
– Support of iOS 7.
– Compatible with Garmin HUD. Project all essential navigation information from your app directly onto your windshield.

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To celebrate this update, both apps are now on sale. Your best bet would be to spend a few bucks more for the North American version as you’ll get US maps too. Download links below:

We haven’t used NAVIGON in a long time, but when we did rely on my iPhone as a GPS, the app was definitely our favourite. Are you using NAVIGON right now?