Notifyr Sends iOS Notifications to your Mac: But Does it Work? [Hands On]

Notifyr is a new app making waves that connects to your Mac via Bluetooth Low Energy so you can receive notifications on your computer. The app costs $3.99 and only works with an iPhone 4S or newer and the following compatible Macs:


We purchased the app to test out, so we can inform you whether it’s worth the download or not. The app was created by Joost van Dijk, a 17-year-old developer from The Netherlands.

First, you need to pair your iPhone to your computer by downloading the companion Notifyr Mac app. The setup is pretty straightforward and the instructions are very clear.

Once setup—push notifications started streaming in on my Mac, similar to how they would with Notification Center:

Screenshot 2014 05 21 10 23 14

Once you start receiving notifications, a list of these apps are shown and you can disable push by unticking the boxes below:

Screenshot 2014 05 21 10 25 51

The app says if your iPhone reboots, you’ll have to restart Notifyr for it to work again.

Why use Notifyr? Well, as noted in the app’s description, it’s handy for third party chat apps such as WhatsApp, BBM or Telegram for example. When your iPhone is charging away from your computer it’s easy to miss messages. Or if you have it on silent most of the day an app like Notifyr comes in handy.

Notifyr will also send push notifications for incoming phone calls, voicemails and more. It almost acts like a Pebble smart watch but for your Mac.

Sure, we can receive iMessages on our Macs, but for friends not using iMessage (yes, those do exist), this is one way for you to stay connected.

Is Notifyr worth the $3.99 download? We’d say yes. The setup was super easy and it works exactly as described. But I have a feeling Apple might introduce a similar feature for developers in the future to bring iOS notifications to the Mac. But if you don’t want to wait, it’s already here with Notifyr.

Click here to download Notifyr in the App Store–it’s $3.99.