Apple Supplier Foxconn Has Said Indian Customs Dispute Has Been Resolved

In a quick turn of events, Foxconn has come out and said the Indian customs dispute, which saw shipments being held at the Indian ports, has been resolved.

Apple supplier Foxconn has claimed that the customs clearing issue has been resolved, according to Reuters. This week, Foxconn had experienced delayed shipments as India’s customs withheld 150 shipments from China. The delayed shipments were so extensive, that it was reported that Foxconn workers at two of the factories were out of work due to the lack of supplies. Foxconn operates a factory in Chennai, India, where the manufacturing of the iPhone XR takes place.

It appears as though the dispute was dealt with in quick succession. Foxconn has said that the shipments have been cleared. The company went on to tell the Taipei stock exchange that all local regulatory procedures have been complied with.

While Foxconn has managed to find a solution to end the shipment delays, there is currently no word on whether Dell was also about to resolve the matter. Dell had also been hit by custom clearance issues, which saw 130 shipments containing server and desktop PC supplies held.

At the time, Apple was said to have been “battling to free stuck shipments” for its supplier. Local lobbying groups were also stepping in as business firms were being affected by the ongoing dispute between India and China.