Intel’s Latest Ads Target Apple and its M1 Chip

Over the past week, Intel has launched a small series of ads online targeting Apple and its M1 chip. Apple’s silicon was developed as a way for Apple to break its dependency on Intel and transition to its own in-house processor.

This week, Intel launched an ad campaign, encouraging consumers to “Go PC”. Although Apple’s M1 chip has received a positive response on its benchmarks and power, a major category it falters in is its ability to play games. As Intel’s processors have consistently catered to gaming enthusiasts, Apple’s M1 chip has not been able to say the same. Intel has taken advantage of this and issued an ad highlighting that Mac users can’t natively play Rocket League on their M1 device.

Furthermore, at the start of the month, Intel issued another ad addressing that Macs do not feature a touchscreen. Comparing Macs to PCs once again, Intel’s ad states “Only a PC offers tablet mode, touch screen and stylus capabilities in a single device,” while ending with #GoPC once more.

Given that Apple has a two-year timeline until it fully transitions away from Intel processors across its line of devices, we’ll surely see more of Intel’s ads pop up over time. Earlier this month, Intel reported its own benchmarks for its latest 11th-gen Tiger Lake processor. Although skewed to Intel’s favour in a few categories, Intel’s 11th-gen processor did show stronger benchmarks when running productivity apps like Chrome and Microsoft Office.