Stories by Gary Ng

3G iPhone Announcement Coming Next Week?

Can you believe it’s June already? Well, millions of Apple fans around the world are embracing the new month, because in one week’s time June 9th will roll around. What’s so special about June 9th? Well, if you have been living in a cave (or you’re not an obsessed Apple fanboy), that is the day […]

invisibleSHIELD Contest Giveaway: Listen to Win!

Did you miss out on your chance to win an invisibleSHIELD by being the 900th poster in this thread? Well, I think everyone did because I modified the rules for the 200th poster to win a free invisibleSHIELD. Turns out the lucky 200th person from our Forums contest was X1Zero (I think he is […]

Go-USA: Learn USA Geography on the iPhone

**Win a FREE OtterBox Defender “Pink” iPhone Case! Post a Comment to Win!** Can you name and locate all 50 U.S. States and their capital cities? Trying to study for that US Geography exam? Well, look no further because now you can on your iPhone! A new application called Go-USA is the perfect companion for […]

What the 3G iPhone Announcement Will Be Like…Sorta

The 3G iPhone rumor mill just never stops. It’s like there’s a monkey pedalling the bike that keeps the stories coming! Let’s take a look at what has come up in the past couple of days: – 9to5 reports that there might be possible 3G iPhone delays linked to hardware shortages – AppleInsider revealed a […]

How to Open 13 Safari Windows on the iPhone

**Win a FREE OtterBox Defender “Pink” iPhone Case! Post a Comment to Win!** Safari on the iPhone rocks the big one. It is just awesome for surfing the net on your iPhone (like trying to find out places to eat) and being able to launch multiple windows is a great feature (can’t wait to be […]

Will Wireless Spectrum Bidding Affect iPhone Users?

**Win a FREE OtterBox Defender “Pink” iPhone Case! Post a Comment to Win!** The immediate answer right now is YES. Yesterday was the start of the wireless spectrum bidding in Canada. This moment will affect wireless customers in this country along many fronts. For starters, regardless of what companies emerge from the bidding, everyone will […]

OtterBox Defender Series “Strength” Case Supports Breast Cancer Research

When a company creates a product with charity in mind, it speaks a lot about their values. Our friends from have created the OtterBox Defender Series “Strength” Case, where 10% of sales from the purchase of this “pink” case will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. I have reviewed the OtterBox Defender […] is Now

If you haven’t purchased an invisibleSHIELD for your iPhone you are missing out some of the best protection available for the iPhone. Most of you have probably read my full review of the invisibleSHIELD full body iPhone case. Well, just recently the folks at invisibleSHIELD have changed their domain name and I’m here to help […]

Apple Store Vancouver at Pacific Centre Grand Opening

It’s been a long time coming but Vancouver finally has an Apple Store! It’s the first Apple Store in Western Canada and yesterday’s grand opening had a huge turnout at Pacific Centre in downtown Vancouver. What helped build the buzz for Apple? Well, for starters they were giving out free Apple t-shirts to the first […]

Fido’s $7 Unlimited Data Plan is Biting Back

We’ve all heard the saying “all good things come to an end”, and this goes for the $7 Fido unlimited data plan. However, in the case of users who were able to surf using non-Fido handsets or tried the IMEI-changing method, the “end” has actually become a nightmare. Fido customers on this plan using Windows […]

iPhone Firmware 2.0 Update: Geotagging!

I’ve been keeping track of iPhone Firmware 2.0 pretty closely because when it’s released, our first generation iPhones will be able to keep up with the latest features, thanks to the Pwnage Tool. That’s the cool thing about the iPhone that I really like. The ability to have firmware updates that actually make your phone […]

Monaco iPhone Pouch Type Leather Case Review

**Click here to read my iPhone Accessory Reviews!** Normally I am not a big fan of pouch type cases, especially ones that go on your belt. They tend to be bulky and just never do fit right. Well, I think after reviewing and testing out today’s iPhone accessory review, my thinking has changed somewhat. The […]