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The Easiest Way to Unlock Your New 1.1.1 iPhone

Okay, the last time I posted about unlocking a brand new out of the box iPhone with firmware version 1.1.1 involved a long, complicated process. That was because when I bought my iPhone, the guide I previously posted about was the one of the first to hit the forums. Please remember this blog is to […]

Buying An Unlocked iPhone From

Update (Feb.1/08): Authorities ask for help: Consumers can report their dealings with at 1-888-564-9963 or by e-mail at Update: is in the news: For those on the Westcoast of BC, particularly those in the Lower Mainland, you might have seen the television ads running on the TV listings channel. What […]

How To Unlock Your Apple iPhone 1.1.2

How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone 1.1.2 Did you happen to buy a NEW Apple iPhone from the USA within the past month or so? Have you been bugging that friend or relative down in the States to pick you up a precious iPhone lately? Well, if that has been the case, you need to […]

iPhone Monthly Plans in Canada with Rogers & Fido

I’ve received a few emails asking about what plans can be used with an unlocked iPhone in Canada. I know there are some experts out there, but there are also some beginners just new to this “unlocking” stuff. So I’m going to try to explain everything in detail, so excuse me if you already know […]

Using An Unlocked iPhone in Canada: What Features Work?

I received an email earlier from a reader that posed an interesting question: What works on an unlocked iPhone in Canada? Are there iPhone features that are missing? Are there any hidden costs or charges that could accrue by using an unlocked iPhone in Canada with Rogers or Fido? Well, I am going to relay […]

iPhone Hacking: Vocabulary and Applications Defined

As a Canadian starting out on a quest to obtain the almighty “Jesus Phone”, there is some terminology you should try to understand before you jump into the scene. It may sound complicating reading about terms such as “jailbreaking”, “unlocking”, “firmware”, “baseband”, “iBrickr”, etc. I’m going to try and explain the terms and applications you […]

Canadians! Check Your iPhone Firmware Before Buying

Before I bought my iPhone I wanted to make sure that I was going to be getting a model that had the 1.0.2 firmware. At the time, only the 1.0.2 versions could be unlocked. Low and behold, of course when I picked up my phone for $399US, it was the 1.1.1 firmware! DOH! Well, I […]

Top iPhone Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know About

So do you have your iPhone in Canada yet? Well, if you do here are a list of iPhone tips and tricks that you may or may not know about! These have been compiled off the web, courtesy of the MacRumors forum, and Macworld. Some of these I didn’t even know about! Let’s get on […]

How To Update Apple iPhone Firmware 1.0.2 to 1.1.1

So right now my 8GB Apple iPhone was working perfectly with unlocked version 1.0.2. I had downgraded my iPhone from the factory 1.1.1 firmware, but now I wanted to update to the latest firmware. Why update to v1.1.1 and not stick with 1.0.2? Well, for starters, the v1.1.1 firmware update included some new features: New […]

Fix iPhone SMS Voicemail Notification For Rogers & Fido

Hey everyone, here we go with another quality post on how to tweak your iPhone for all you Canadians out there. Now, my GSM provider is Fido (which is owned by Rogers) in Canada. The problem for iPhone users out there is that those on firmware version 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 lack the SMS voicemail notification […]

Apple iPhone in Canada Release Date: January 18th?

What is up with Canada not having the iPhone already?! Like I mentioned before, as the biggest trading partner of the United States of America, wouldn’t it only seem fitting that its neighbour to the north gets the almighty Apple iPhone? I would think so–yet for some reason, that is just not happening in Canada. […]

How To Unlock Your 8GB Apple iPhone v1.1.1

How To Unlock Your 8GB Apple iPhone v1.1.1 When I first picked up my 8GB Apple iPhone, the v1.1.1 firmware had just been released by Apple. Turns out the iPhone I picked up from the Apple Store at Alderwood Mall was the newest 1.1.1 firmware–DOH! So that meant the online guides enabled me to “jailbreak” […]