First Look: Anti-Verizon Protest Underway in Downtown Toronto [PICS]


Yesterday we told you about the anti-Verizon rally taking place today in Toronto, organized by the The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) and the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), soon to be known as Unifor, a case when two becomes one (Spice Girls line).

The protest is to make noise against a “takeover” from Verizon, which would apparently put Canadian jobs at stake. It also looks like a great way for Unifor to get some media attention via the controversial wireless debate, since it’s a brand new union, Canada’s largest.

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Here are some of the first pictures of the protest and as you can see, Unifor members are out in strong numbers wearing red shirts:

Image below via Instagram user vlad_che:

Screen Shot 2013 08 30 at 9 33 42 AM

Yesterday, Prime Minister Harper denied the government has created loopholes favouring Verizon.

What do you think about the protest? Do you support it or not?