Bell and Nokia Complete First Trial of 5G Technology

Today Bell Canada announced the successful demonstration of the first 5G mobile technology conducted at its Innovation Centre in Mississauga. Bell has been working with Nokia to test the next generation mobile technology, which “leveraged spectrum” in the 73 GHz range to achieve sustained data speeds that are more than 6 times faster than the best 4G mobile speeds currently available in the country.


Bell estimates that 5G will be widely available in up to 7 years, and will meet the demand of IoT (Internet of Things) applications such as connected vehicles and city-wide IoT solutions.

“Bell’s strategic focus on driving broadband network and service innovation has been key to our transformation into Canada’s wireless leader. The success of the first 5G trial means we are well positioned to lead the way to the next generation of mobile technology,” said Stephen Howe, Bell’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President. “Bell is working closely with Nokia and our other partners in North America and worldwide to create the network, device and application ecosystem required to ensure Canadians will be able take full advantage of the 5G opportunity.”

Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, called the successful trial one example of how Canada can become an early adopter of emerging technologies.

The successful trial comes just a few months after Bell announced that it will begin 5G trials, suggesting that Bell is deeply involved in writing the 5G specs as a member of the Next Generation Mobile Networks consortium.

Telus has also made the first step toward testing the evolving standards of a 5G Living Lab at its Vancouver base, while Rogers at the time said it has no details it can share.