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Bell Offers $85/10GB Plan with $0 Phone on Contract to Some Customers

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Bell is sending out some promotional offers to existing customers via text message, particularly targeting those on the $60/10GB holiday promo plan.

According to some users on RFD, they received the following offer via text message:

Upgrade to a new phone on Canada’s best national network. Choose from select phones for $0 and get unlimited Canada talk/text and 10 GB of data for $85/month (2-yr term). Only available in-store. Fees apply. Ends July 3.

The offer says it’s an $85 per month plan with 10GB data, and includes a $0 smartphone, on an unlimited nationwide talk and text plan on a two-year contract.

Existing users on the $60/10GB plan appear to be mulling over this offer, particularly those that need a new smartphone.

The $85 per month $0 phone offer is for a regular smartphone, but if customers want more expensive phones, they’ll have to pay more at $100/month for Premium and $110 for Premium Plus level phones, such as iPhone X.

Did you get this text message offer from Bell?

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