Bell Price Hike: Wireless Connection Fees Surging to $40

Wireless fees keep increasing in Canada, with Bell set to raise its wireless connection fee from $35 to $40 next month.

The fee jump will take place on July 4, 2019, as noted by MobileSyrup. According to Bell’s website, current fees are still listed at $35.

The $5 price hike is a 14% increase, eight months after Bell and Virgin increased their connection fees from $30 to $35. You can bet Virgin Mobile will see this connection fee increase as well.

“Bell Mobility may charge you for a one-time fee for certain transactions. These fees vary depending on how you go about making the change (by phone, in store or online),” explains the company’s website.

“Remember that these fees will change over time, so check back immediately prior to making your transaction to ensure you’re looking at the most current list,” says Bell.

What does this mean for consumers? With Bell set to increase their wireless connection fee to $40, it’s most likely Rogers and Telus will follow suit like they did last time.