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Virgin Mobile Promo Offers $50/8GB BYOD Plan at Retail Stores

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Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile is currently offering a promo for a BYOD plan at $50 per month with 8GB of data, available at select retail stores, for new customers.

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Image via RFD

According to users on RFD, the plan offers 500 minutes of Canada-wide talk and unlimited international SMS/MMS. Virgin Mobile stores are showing signs that say “Limited time offer”, advertising the 8GB of data for $50 per month, at locations such as Eglinton Square Mall in Toronto.

Others are also seeing the plan available in B.C., which is actually the company’s $60/8GB BYOD plan with 500 minutes, but with $10 off for 12 months, taking it down to $50. For $5 more you can get unlimited Canada-wide minutes. Some locations are also throwing in 1,000 international minutes as well (such as the Yorkdale store in Toronto).

Again, if you’re a BYOD customer and your current plan is not as good as this one, it may be worth switching over to Virgin for a year to save some money, and take advantage of your ability to jump to and from any carrier, at any time.

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