Virgin Mobile Retentions Offering $2/1GB, $5/2GB Loyalty Offer [u]

Some existing Virgin Mobile customers have been able to jump on a pretty decent data loyalty offer, according to RFD. Customers calling in to talk to the Retentions department have been offered the following:

  • $2 for 1GB (updated our headline, apologies)
  • $5 for 2GB

Normally, data overages can cost as high as $5 for 250MB, so for those being offered this price, it’s a pretty good deal.

After sifting through the 4-paged forum thread, not everybody has been offered the plan when calling in, but those calling did discover the conditions for this offer:

  • Must be on a two-year term
  • Must have over 1GB data on current plan
  • Must have less than 9 months left in contract

Earlier this year, Virgin Mobile increased select BYOP plans by $5 per month, which some RFD users explained as their reason for calling in and thinking about switching to another carrier.

If you’re ready to call in, dial 611 from your Virgin phone, talk to the first customer service agent then ask to be transferred to the retentions department. You may need to call in a few times to find the “right” agent, from what we’ve read. Let us know if you’re able to get this loyalty add-on!