Virgin Mobile Now Sells $4 SIM Cards at Dollarama, with $20 Gift Card Bonus

Virgin mobile dollarama

Bell’s flanker brand Virgin Mobile now sells discounted SIM cards at Dollarama for $4 each, a 60% discount compared to other retailers, which sell them for $9.99.

The expansion of SIM card sales to the dollar store chain also includes a $20 Dollarama gift card offer.

The company explains, “Virgin Mobile prepaid SIM Cards at Dollarama! Just visit your closest Dollarama store, pick-up a Virgin Mobile SIM Card and checkout. Then, just follow the easy steps below to activate the SIM and you’ll be enjoying our super awesome phone plans in no time.”

To get the $20 Dollarama gift card bonus, you need to:

  1. Activate your Virgin Mobile SIM card on a prepaid plan
  2. Complete 2 Top-Ups at minimum $10 each, at least 30 days apart

Dollarama stores have new SIM card displays for both Lucky Mobile and Virgin Mobile in one. A sign at the very top reads, “Get a $20 Dollarama gift card after 2 months of service.”

Virgin mobile dollarama stand

Image via RFD

Once you’ve completed these steps, Virgin Mobile will send you a barcode link via text message within 24 hours after the second top up. After visiting the gift card link, show the barcode to the cashier at checkout to redeem your $20 Dollarama gift card.

If you add enough money to your account to cover 2 or more months of your plan, “You will receive a text message with a gift card barcode 30 days after activation on an active account,” explains Virgin Mobile.

Essentially, the $20 Dollarama gift card is the equivalent of getting both of your $10 top-ups back, or free. The lower $4 SIM card may entice store shoppers to switch to Virgin Mobile, especially with the $20 gift card offer.