Court Drops Big Telco Appeal of CRTC Wholesale Internet Rates Decision

In what is being applauded as a win for consumers, the Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed appeals by major telcos which opposed a CRTC wholesale internet rates decision.

According to the ruling, the judgment reads “The appeal is dismissed. The appellants shall pay the costs of the appeal to each of the Canadian Network Operators Consortium Inc. and Teksavvy Solutions Inc.”

The CRTC lowered wholesale broadband rates retroactively in an August 2019 decision, to foster competition. The move was quickly opposed by major telcos, including the likes of Rogers, Telus, Bell and Shaw, taking the decision to court.

In a surprise move last month, Ottawa came out and favoured telecoms, citing the CRTC’s decision may have a negative effect on investments in rural areas, an argument telcos have long stated.

Recently, smaller ISPs increased internet prices, citing uncertainty from the federal government over wholesale internet rates, based on the latter’s support of big telcos.