Fido and Virgin Sale: 16GB iPhone 6s Now $199 on 2-Year Term

If you’re ready to sign a two-year term for a 16GB iPhone 6s, check out the sale going on right now from Fido and Virgin Mobile, as both carriers have reduced the price to $199 on contract (other carriers are charging $400), marking a 50% drop in the upfront device price only six months after launch.

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Of course, you’ll be required to subscribe to a minimum $80 Platinum plan with Virgin (includes 500MB) and $85 Max plan with Fido (500MB data too).

Both companies also have the 64GB iPhone 6s at $429.99 on two-year terms as well (competitors are charging $530). Just over a week ago, we told you Rogers and Fido dropped the 16GB iPhone 6s to $299, but now it’s gone even cheaper at $199 from Fido.