Mobilicity Partners with Reverb for Nationwide Self-Optimizing Network

Wireless entrant Mobilicity today has announced it has partnered with Virginia-based Reverb to integrate the latter’s Self-Optimizing Network (SON) to install nationwide at sites in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

“We are delighted that Mobilicity has chosen to install Reverb’s Self-Optimizing Network system in the five major population centers of Canada,” said Zoran Kehler, Reverb Networks CEO. “Reverb has worked closely with Mobilicity to understand their specific needs and requirements over many months, including long-term live network tests, and this agreement is the result of a strong technical performance.”

Reverb’s SON will bring an automatic software-based solution to Mobilicity’s network to ensure network performance, which can re-configure a network and predict demand, which means less impact on customers. A fully automated SON will reduce daily costs of running a network for Mobilicity plus allow more control; the wireless entrant was recently granted another stay extension from creditors until December 1 (via MobileSyrup).

Reverb’s InteliSON tech is described as the following:

InteliSON’s approach to implementing changes to the network is similar to the way RF optimization engineers implement changes. Specifically, the solution determines the needed changes and incrementally implements them. The solution continously monitors network performance to validate the changes.

Whether it is a slow response to network problems, lengthy planning or optimization cycles, or simply the desire to have SON benefits today, InteliSON can automatically improve network performance and simplify operators’ existing operating procedures.

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Mobilicity currently has 156,000 active subscribers according to its latest court filing. How much Mobilicity can save from integrating this SON network remains to be seen.