MTS Launches ‘Total Internet’: One Plan for Wireless Data and Home Internet

MTS has announced a new service today called Total Internet, which is one plan for wireless data and home Internet for customers.

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The service features the following:

  • Internet and wireless data access, anywhere on MTS networks and on any device
  • Unlimited High Speed internet access from home, including in-home Wi-Fi
  • Flat rate, Canada-wide wireless data on up to five smartphones
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi at MTS hotspots
  • The ability to turn smartphones into a Personal Mobile Hotspot and connect a tablet, laptop or gaming device to the internet.

Paul Norris, MTS Vice President Brand & Consumer Marketing, said in a statement this new offering “delivers on what customers value – worry-free, fast, reliable Internet access on any of their devices for one great price.”

Devices connected to MTS Total Internet plans will be able to go online anywhere and not have to incur extra data charges. According to the company’s website “MTS may reduce data speeds outside Manitoba to as low as 256Kbps when usage outside Manitoba exceeds 2GB in a single bill cycle,” a fair usage policy in place most likely due to the company’s roaming agreement with Rogers.

The company’s Total Internet walkthrough first checks if your area is eligible, then it takes you step by step in choosing voice plans (optional), asking about your Internet habits, then recommends a plan.

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We tested the walkthrough and for a household of three people using Internet, it suggested their Total Internet 2 plan at $85/month plus their 50 Mbps Speed Boost at $25/month.

Below is their Total Internet Pricing Options (the 25 Mbps Speed Boost is $7/month):

Screenshot 2015 06 23 11 22 42

Anyone going to subscribe to MTS Total Internet?