Public Mobile Promo: $40 Plan with 4GB Data, Unlimited Text and Talk [u]

Public Mobile, the prepaid carrier owned by TELUS and runs on the latter’s cellular networks, has launched a new promo today, offering a $40 plan with 4GB of data, unlimited province-wide talk and global text. It drops down to $38/month if you setup auto renew with your credit card.

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In order to get this deal, all you need to do is select a 90-day plan length, province-wide unlimited talk, global text, and the 12GB/90 days option. This works out to $120 total up-front plus tax, or once divided into three months: $40 per month with 4GB data at LTE speeds nationwide on the TELUS network.

Update: If you setup auto-pay (i.e. auto-renewal by charging your credit card every 90 days), you save $2 per month, so it works out to $38 per month. Also, with the Public Mobile loyalty program, you save $1 off per month, after the first year with them. After the second year, you save $2 off per month and so forth. Once you reach up to five years, you’ll be saving $5 off per month, so this plan effectively goes down to $33/month in year five.

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This promo is available for existing and new customers. You either need to call in and change to this plan or set it up yourself online. New customers will need a Public Mobile SIM card on hand to activate. Porting over from Rogers, Telus or Bell is really easy–here’s how to do it, step-by-step.

With Public Mobile, if you let your plan expire and is inactive for more than 90 days, your account is deactivated. So as long as you keep adding to your plan, you’ll retain this promo. But with auto-renew options, you can set it so it automatically charges your credit card.

If you don’t need unlimited Canada-wide talk, this is a decent deal. The promo expires November 20, 2016. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

Click here to learn how to port your existing number/account over to Public Mobile.

Update 2: if you’re looking for a Public Mobile referral, email me gary AT and I can provide you with my number.