Rogers, Telus and Bell Launch $80/20GB ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan Promos

Rogers telus bell $80 20gb promo

Looks like $85 for 20GB promotion was priced too high for consumers, as Rogers, Telus and Bell have simultaneously come back to lower the price of last week’s promotional ‘unlimited’ data plan offering.

All three carriers are now promoting an $80/20GB plan with ‘unlimited’ data, priced $5 cheaper than last week’s promotion. These plans do not have data overages but instead will see speeds throttled to 512 Kbps once you use up your given data bucket.

Again, the Rogers offering includes shareable data with other devices, while the Telus and Bell plans do not. Telus requires you to pay $5 more for the Peace of Mind Connect plan. Bell is the same for its $85 Connect Everything 20 plan, but the latter does not include unlimited data–instead it charges $110 for 1GB of data overages.

Clearly, there are people willing to pay these prices for ‘unlimited’ data plans. We’ve seen the promotion start at $75 for 20GB from Rogers, Telus and Bell at the beginning of this year. The price has fluctuated up and now back down for these plans that keep popping up as ‘limited time’ promos.