Rogers, Telus, Bell Increase Starting Price of ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans

Back in July 2019, Rogers launched new Infinite plans, offering ‘unlimited’ data, which offers no overages, but throttled speeds once you exceed your data limit. Shortly afterwards, Telus and Bell launched similar ‘unlimited’ data plans as well.

Fast forward to January 2021 and now we’re seeing Rogers, Telus and Bell increase the minimum starting price of their ‘unlimited’ data plans, to now start at $80 per month with 15GB of data.

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Rogers originally launched with $75/10GB, $95/20GB and $125/50GB Infinite plans back in 2019. Here’s what the plans look like today:

  • $80/15GB
  • $85/25GB (promo)
  • $125/50GB
  • $175/100GB

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As for Telus, it now has an $80/15GB Peace of Mind plan (non-shareable data), and two shareable data Peace of Mind Connect plans at $90/25GB and $125/50GB.

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Bell is offering an $80/15GB ‘unlimited’ plan, $85/25GB promo plan, plus a lone $90/20GB ‘unlimited’ plan with shareable data. There’s also a $105/25GB ‘unlimited’ plan with Canada and USA calling.

Nonetheless, if you’re a new customer signing up for an ‘unlimited’ data plan, you’ll need to pay more as starting prices have increased by $5.

If you’re trying to find cheaper pricing, Freedom Mobile has Big Gig Unlimited plans starting at $50 with 13GB of data right now, while its parent company Shaw’s mobile offering has an ‘unlimited’ plan for $85 with 25GB of data for non-internet subscribers. This drops to $45/25GB and $25/25GB depending on your existing Shaw internet plan.