Rogers, Telus, Bell Offering Promo $80/30GB ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan

Rogers, Telus and Bell have all have the same promotion right now, offering an $80 per month plan with 30GB of ‘unlimited’ data.

The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging. These ‘unlimited’ plans don’t have data overages, but will see throttled speeds to 512 kbps once data allotments have been exhausted. Normally, these plans only include 15GB of data.

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Back in January, all three of these wireless carriers increased the minimum starting price for their ‘unlimited’ data plans to $80 per month, with 15GB of data. This current promo offers double the data for the same price.

It’s worth noting Rogers has an $85/35GB unlimited promo plan as well, which undercuts the $90/30GB offered by Telus and the $85/30GB from Bell, which has 5GB less data.