Fido to Honour 5GB Extra Data Added to $60/10GB Plans for Current Billing Cycle

Some Fido users recently noticed their promo $60/10GB plans were showing upwards of 15GB of data. Many users were wondering whether this was a permanent or temporary addition, and now we have a definitive answer for you.

A Fido spokesperson told iPhone in Canada the 5GB data add-on was caused by a “temporary technical issue”, which affected “some Fido customers” on the $60/10GB plan.

If you’re one of these lucky ones, the company says you will get to keep the bonus data, for your current billing cycle. The Fido spokesperson told us via email “we’re happy to honour this billing cycle for affected customers,” adding “They are still on the 10GB plan and moving forward will see 10GB as their data allotment.”

So there you have it. If you’re seeing 5GB of extra data on your Fido account that has the $60/10GB plan, you get to keep it for free for this billing cycle. This extra 5GB data, along with Fido’s Data Bytes feature—which offers 5 hours of free data per month—means you’re going to have a happy month to stream video to your heart’s content, to a certain degree.