Fido Lunar New Year Deals: $168 Bill Credits and $8/month Off for 12 Months

Fido lunar new year

Rogers-owned Fido is offering some deals for the upcoming Lunar New Year, offering bill credits for those signing contracts and also monthly credits on select plans. Here’s what’s available:

  • GET $168 BACK! When you activate or upgrade to a new smartphone online on new 2-year Data, Talk & Text plans. Even the ones at $0!”
  • SAVE $8/MONTH FOR 12 MONTHS! On select plans. And with Data Overage Protection, going over is over.

According to Fido, these offers are available online and at select stores. Both offers can be combined.

Fido also says customers can also pick “Lucky” phone numbers, reserved at select stores. In some Asian cultures, the number 8 is seen as representing prosperity, so we assume these reserved numbers would have various combinations of the number 8.

Also available in limited quantities are Fido lucky money envelopes at select stores. These traditionally red-coloured envelopes containing money are gifted from older folks to younger family and friends.