iCracks: iPhone Prank Gone Wild – PLUS $30 Unlimited Data Confirmed!

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It’s been a while since I last reviewed a 3rd party application for the iPhone. Anyways, even though the iPhone 3G is around the corner along with the much anticipated AppStore, the development community is still hard at work. Today we’re going to check out a fun app called iCracks. It’s one of the best ways to prank your iPhone-newbie friends–trust me, this will freak them out!

Once you’ve installed iCracks via Installer, run the program. You’ll come across an image of the default iPhone homescreen. This is where it gets interesting. The moment your friend/colleague/family member/dog touches the screen, it activates a tiny video that makes it look like your iPhone just went AWOL!

**EDIT** Forgot to include the source! Add this source to Installer: http://i.comicmac.com/repo.xml

This app will work best on technophobic people, such as older parents and people who have never seen/used/touched an iPhone before. The application also disables the home button for a minute or two…but within my tests an immediate press of the home button exits the program. Give it a shot!

Watch the following video review to see it in action:

Rogers iPhone 3G Data Plan Update: $30 Unlimited Plan Confirmation

Here’s an update on the rumored iPhone 3G $30 unlimited data plan. I received an email from a Rogers employee that has been undergoing iPhone 3G training. Within the email, it was stated the the $30 unlimited data plan is indeed true, plus MMS will not be available on the Rogers iPhone 3G. Also, applications will stay running if an incoming call is answered. Take these tips with a grain of salt, but so far it looks as though the $30 unlimited plan might be true after all!

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