MyRogers for iPhone Updated with New Design, iPhone 6 Support

Rogers this afternoon has updated their MyRogers iPhone app, which brings a new design plus screen support for Apple’s latest iPhone 6 models.

The app’s description also previews coming soon is a new bill format, which will make it easier for customers to understand how they are charged for products and services. Last month, the company detailed how it planned to finally fix the billing process so employees would see the same format as customers.

What’s New in Version 3.5.4
Coming soon: With the new bill, you can easily see how much you owe, how much you saved and the breakdown of your charges by product.

Below are some screenshots of the updated app, which makes things look much simpler (thanks @Shawzborne):

Image1 Image2


Image5 Image6

The update comes seven months after the previous update, which fixed some bugs and had performance improvements. This new update comes on the heels of the Fido My Account for iPhone update last month, which iOS customers had to wait nearly four long years for.

Wireless subscriber growth by Rogers has been surpassed by rivals TELUS and Bell the past few years, as seen in the chart below (via The Globe and Mail). As Rogers is late to the game to focus on customer service (Rogers 3.0 was only announced in May 2014) compared to TELUS (started emphasis in 2008) and Bell, it appears to be one reason for the flat growth curve:

Screenshot 2015 05 31 13 29 00

Click here to download MyRogers for iPhone in the App Store. Let us know what you think of this update!