Rogers to Axe Smartphone Price Matching Program Next Week

Rogers launched ‘Price Match’ back in April of 2013, a new smartphone price matching program aimed at matching competitors’ prices advertised nationwide on TV, radio, print or the Internet.

The program will be ending next week on January 16, according to an internal memo (via MobileSyrup), less than two years after it launched. The internal document notes Rogers will compensate its customers by offering a better ‘Rogers experience’ though their recent expansion of “Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE, Roam Like Home, Rogers First Rewards, and other great perks!”

Rogers also noted it would “continue to offer competitive pricing for all devices,” just one advantage customers have with the company, on top of being able to share data via Share Everything plans and the freedom to change their monthly plans—for free at any time.

Did anyone actually use this price matching program? Most of the time, there wasn’t really a need to price match since prices were relatively the same across the Big 3.