Rogers Customers Vent as Free NHL Live Absent for 2018-19 Opener

Tonight kicks off the 2018-2019 NHL season, and for some Rogers wireless customers with a Share Everything wireless plan, they’re probably wondering where their free hockey perk went.

Rogers told employees back in July they would be axing NHL GameCentre Live from Share Everything wireless plans. Only those who signed up or renewed a contract before July 30th would still get free NHL GameCentre Live. But for anyone who signed up after that date, they won’t be getting the freebie.

Customers who previously had Rogers NHL GameCentre Live as a perk recently received an email from Rogers, offering a 25% off discount on this year’s 2018-2019 season, which costs $179.99 (effectively a $40 discount).

Rogers nhl gamecenter live 2018 2019

On Twitter, some Rogers customers who were unaware of this update to NHL GameCenter and Share Everything plans, found out the hard way and were frustrated their free hockey viewing had disappeared:

Rogers no longer offers freebies such as Spotify either, as that free service also has been discontinued from its flanker brand Fido as well. The company on social media is explaining to customers their previous offer was only for one free season of Rogers NHL Live on a Share Everything plan.

Back in 2014, Rogers signed a landmark deal with the NHL, a massive 12-year deal worth $5.2 billion, for exclusive Canadian rights.

Yesterday, President of Sportsnet and NHL Prosperities, Scott Moore, who played a pivotal role in the NHL 12-year deal, resigned from Rogers. In an issued statement, Moore said “I’m so proud of what our team has accomplished. We have exceeded my goals, and it’s now time for me to explore my next personal challenge.”

Do you still have Rogers NHL GameCentre as part of your Rogers wireless plan?