Rogers, Fido Calling Some Former Customers with Free iPhone 8 Offers, Up to $500 Credits

Back in December, during the holiday cellphone plan wars, Rogers, Telus and Bell, along with their flanker brands Fido, Koodo and Virgin, saw customers jump ship and switch to another company, as the $60/10GB plan was too good to pass up.

Now, it appears Rogers and Fido really want some old customers back, as they have been calling former customers with some enticing switch back deals.

iPhone in Canada reader, Rob, got a call from Rogers earlier this week. During the $60/10GB plan wars, he ditched Rogers for Bell. With that in mind, here’s what Rogers offered him:

  • $0 iPhone 8 64GB on 2-year term
  • $95/10GB plan (unlimited Canada-wide calling) with 20% off = $76/month
  • $500 bill credit on second bill

In the end, Rob took the offer and switched back to Rogers from Bell, and added an unlimited US calling add-on for $10/month.

As for other offers from Fido, one RFD reader claims they received a call from the company and was provided with the following, to switch back from Bell:

  • $60/5GB plan
  • $799 iPhone X – $100 credit
  • $300 bill credit to pay for buying out Bell contract

Again, we’ll update this post with more details as they emerge, but for now, it appears Rogers and Fido definitely are calling former customers with some ‘sweet’ offers to bring them back. It’s also worth noting Rogers did also reach out to customers who missed the $60/10GB plan after it expired, as the company’s systems weren’t able to handle heavy call volumes.

Among the ‘Big 3’ wireless carriers, Bell emerged as the victor during the $60/10GB promo plan period, as it added 175,204 subscribers during their fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2017, while Telus added 121,000 in the same period. Rogers only added 72,000, a lower number than competitors, which was blamed on a ‘computer glitch’. The promo plans were a push back against Shaw’s Freedom Mobile, which debuted a $60/10GB plan initially, then lowered it to $50/10GB, which is still available as of today.

Let us know if you’ve received offers via the phone from the ‘Big 3’ and their flanker brands.