Rogers Promo: iPhone 12 for Up to 55% Off with Financing and Upfront Edge

Rogers iphone 12 price drop

If you’re into contracts, financing and Rogers Infinite plans, the wireless carrier has lowered the price of Apple’s iPhone 12 64GB, offering it for up to 55% off.

Rogers sells the entry iPhone 12 for a MSRP of $1,164 ($35 markup vs at $1,129). But with financing, a Rogers Infinite plan (starting at $80/month for 30GB) and Upfront Edge, you can get up to $640 in credits.

The Upfront Edge program is essentially like leasing a smartphone. You pay monthly financing payments for 24 months, then return the phone at the end, or pay back the Upfront Edge amount.

Normally, iPhone 12 will cost $48.50/month on Upfront Edge, but the promo reduces it to $26/month, resulting in $540 in credits. This makes the iPhone 12 ‘cost’ $624 after two years, but you would have been also paying at least $80/month for your Infinite plan on top of this.

Rogers says online purchases can get an extra $100 credit, through a $55 credit on the first bill, plus the waiving of the $45 activation fee at purchase.

So technically this could bring your iPhone 12 ‘cost’ down to $524, or 55% off the Rogers retail price of $1,164. But again, you also would have paid $1,920 on top of your $80/month Infinite plan after two years.

It’s usually cheaper to buy a smartphone outright and jump on the best bring your own device plan available. For those willing to sign on the dotted line, this price reduction is out there, for now, if you’re desperate, enjoy financing a device, and can’t afford an iPhone 12 outright.