Rogers to Offer New U.S. Roaming Data Plan, 50MB for $7.99 [Update]

Rogers has announced it will offer a new pay-per-use U.S. roaming data plan for travellers this spring, which aims to “revolutionize” roaming rates. Customers will be able to get 50MB of data for $7.99 to use in a 24 hour period, which the company stresses is good to “view approximately 50 maps, 200 web pages, 1,000 emails or over 5,000 tweets.” Customers will be alerted prior to using up their allotted data.

“Our customers have consistently told us they want certainty and peace of mind when using their wireless devices to access the Internet while travelling,” said Raj Doshi, Rogers Senior Vice President of Products. “Canadians’ connected habits are evolving, and our new roaming model is an important step in addressing the changing needs of our customers. With this simple and affordable roaming rate, customers will be able to use their devices while travelling just as they would at home.”

To use 50MB of data for $7.99 might be worth it if you’re desperate to check emails and light web usage on the go, but for veteran U.S. travellers with unlocked devices there are other options such as Roam Mobility or even using pay as you go via T-Mobile.

Today, Rogers also announced it had changed its unlocking policy, which will now allow for unlocks 90 days after activation.

Update: Rogers clarifies this roaming plan is only on Rogers; Fido and Chatr are excluded.