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Rogers Promo: Get iPhone X for $0 on Contract by Trading in iPhone 8/8 Plus

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The text message promos continue from Canada’s wireless carriers, as users continue to be targeted with specific offers.

The latest comes from Rogers, which details the following summer iPhone X promo, according to iPhone in Canada reader Allan:

“Gear up for summer with a brand new phone! Upgrade to the amazing iPhone X 64GB for $0 when you trade in an eligible iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus on select 2-year Premium+ Share Everything plans. Offer ends 2 July 2018 so get it today from your local Rogers store.”

Rogers offer

Allan received this text message because he recently purchased an iPhone 8 Plus from Rogers, earlier this year.

Currently, an iPhone X starts at $399 on contract, but this offer means it’s $0 up front, but you will still require a Premium+ Share Everything plan, which starts at $110 per month with 1GB of data (currently there’s a 2GB data bonus) and unlimited Canada-wide calling.

Yesterday, we told you about Fido’s offer of iPhone X for $369 on a $100/10GB plan on a two-year term, while Bell recently offered a $85/10GB plan with a $0 phone on contract to some customers via text message, as well.

Your best bet is to do the math and if you can afford it, purchase an iPhone X outright from Apple and pair it with a reasonable BYOD plan, to save in the long run.

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