This Promo Code Allows Switching to Rogers LTE 6GB/$30 Data Plan

According to a thread over at RedFlagDeals, a unique promo code has been able to offer users the option of switching their ‘normal’ 3G data plans over to the 6GB/$30 LTE data plan without a 3 year commitment renewal. Rogers has continued to expand their LTE coverage across Canada, and with rumours of an LTE-capable iPhone ‘5’ debuting this Fall, the switch to an LTE plan would make sense for many.

By calling into customer care (via 611 or 1-888-ROGERS1) and talking to retentions (and regular CSRs), some users have been able to successfully make the data switch over to LTE by using the code SHSSRA025.

I just attempted to verify the promo code by calling in myself via dialing 611, but the CSR told me the code wasn’t recognized. I didn’t have the patience to wait and deal with retentions. Either it has expired or it requires retentions to implement the code, but people have had success as of yesterday evening.

As they say on RFD, your mileage may vary (YMMV) as those who jumped on this a few days ago experienced success. Give this a shot and let us know if this works for you.

Thanks Cody for the email!