Shaw Go Wi-Fi Launches on SeaBus Ferries in Vancouver

Shaw and Translink announced yesterday the launch of free Wi-Fi on SeaBus ferries in Vancouver, expanding the network beyond terminals at Waterfront in downtown and Lonsdale Quay on the North Shore.

Shaw go wifi

Greg Pultz, Vice-President, Operations, Shaw Communications, said in a statement, “anyone and everyone who wants it has access to fast WiFi from the moment they enter the ferry terminal to the moment they leave the destination terminal.”

Shaw also revealed states on date usage at terminals, noting from the launch of in December 2015 to July 2016, commuters have consumed over one million megabytes on the ShawGuest network alone.

The collaboration with Shaw “comes at no cost to taxpayers”, according to Derrick Cheung, Vice-President Strategic Sourcing and Real Estate, TransLink.

Existing Shaw Go Wi-Fi customers already connect to various hotspots around the city automatically, but non-subscribers just need to connect to the network ‘ShawGuest’.

The SeaBus, which connects nearly six million passengers annually between Vancouver and North Vancouver, now has complete Shaw Go Wi-Fi coverage starting from terminals. There are over 80,000 hotspots across Western Canada, which Shaw says is Canada’s largest Wi-Fi network.

To find the closest Shaw Go Wi-Fi hotspot, download the company’s WiFi Finder iOS app here.

Earlier this week, Shaw Go Wi-Fi expanded in Saskatoon, landing in five new locations, including a popular Pokemon GO stop outside City Hall.