TekSavvy Partners with Ericsson to Build LTE Network in Southwestern Ontario

Chatham-based TekSavvy has announced this morning it will partner with Ericsson to upgrade and expand the company’s rural LTE network in southwestern Ontario.

TekSavvy says its existing Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network and services will be upgraded and expanded with Ericsson’s Radio System radio, transport and Cloud Core technology.

Numerous rural communities within Chatham-Kent, along with Elgin, Lambton and Middlesex counties will see these upgrades, according to TekSavvy.

The TekSavvy FWA network will see Ericsson 8×8 MIMO solutions, along with the latter’s Cloud Core solution and infrastructure, along with advanced microwave links, setting the network up for future moves towards 5G.

“TekSavvy is an example of how an independent internet service provider can leverage best-in-class solutions from Ericsson in the delivery of robust rural broadband services at a level equal to the national players,” said Charlie Burns, Chief Technology Officer of TekSavvy Solutions Inc., in an issued statement to iPhone in Canada.

According to TekSavvy, these wireless investments will “improve rural broadband to more than 30,000 addresses in Southwestern Ontario.”

TekSavvy says the upgrades are expected to be completed in the first half of 2020.