TELUS Lands Contract to Bring Vancouver Free Wi-Fi in 43 Locations

Vancouver mobile users beware: Free Wi-Fi is on its way to you, so you can save on your smartphone data. In just six months, you can start browsing the Web using free Wi-Fi in 43 locations where Telus will deploy the service. The best part of all: It’s FREE without the hassle of creating an account, and without data caps.


The free Wi-Fi coverage comes after the city council voted on Wednesday to contract Telus to provide the service for free to the city and users who happen to walk by those specific areas. This may be considered a win by those who have lobbied the city council for free Wi-Fi for at least a decade, Metronews writes.

Actually, this is a win–win scenario for both users and Telus, as the carrier can use the telecommunication equipment it deploys on city property for private purposes as long as it provides access to the public.

As a result, Telus will install equipment in 27 community centres, three theatres, four outdoor pools, three golf courses, and two marinas. So let the countdown begin . . . five months, three weeks, and counting!