Koodo Offers $50/9GB BYOD Plan Exclusively at Walmart, No Activation Fee

Koodo pick plan

Telus-owned Koodo is offering an exclusive bring your own device (BYOD) plan at select Walmart locations, in the form of a $50/9GB plan.

According to RFD, a Walmart location in Pickering, Ontario, was advertising an exclusive phone plan from Koodo, at $50 per month with 9GB of data, plus a $40 connection credit. The user originally shared a photo of the deal being advertised in-store but it was later removed.

Another user on the site corroborated the deal, noting it was also available at the Walmart in Richmond Hill as well.

iPhone in Canada can confirm the $50/9GB BYOD plan is available in B.C. as well, after phoning our local store (gee, that took a while). There is also a $45/5GB BYOD plan available too we were told, also with the $40 activation fee waived.

Koodo’s website for customers in B.C. and Ontario right now only offers 4GB of data for $50 per month for BYOD, so this Walmart exclusive offers 5GB of extra data for the same price. The website currently advertises a $45/1GB plan, so the Walmart offer adds an extra 4GB to the latter.

While we’ve seen some employer purchase program (EPP) plans offering rates of $50 for 20GB of ‘unlimited’ data with a device on contract (such as this recent offer from Rogers), for those unable to obtain an EPP plan, this offer appears to be better than what’s publicly available from Koodo.

No word if Fido or Virgin Mobile will match this plan from Koodo at Walmart, but we’ll keep an eye out for any updates.