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Koodo Email Offers $8/45GB Plan in Error, Up to $70/70GB Plans Teased [Update]

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Koodo $8 45GB

Some Koodo customers received some enticing renewal offers via email today, offering up to 70GB of data for $70 per month, but in the end, they turned out too good to be true.

Koodo $45 for 45GB

According to numerous RFD users, Koodo emailed customers this morning and offered the following plans in error, as clicking through link resulted in different plans online:

  • $8/45GB
  • $45/45GB
  • $55/55GB
  • $50/50GB
  • $70/70GB

Looks like instead of offering $45/8GB, someone may have switched the numbers around by accident.

Koodo $70 70GB

Those clicking links to go to their online account did not get the plans teased in the email. For example, one user receiving the $45/45GB plan in B.C., after clicking through, only saw the $50/10GB promo plan offered on the company’s website.

Did you get any of these crazy email offers from Koodo today?

Update Nov. 12, 11:54am PT: A Koodo spokesperson told iPhone in Canada the following statement via email:

On Friday, November 12, some Koodo customers received an email with an error in our rate plan promotions. We are working as fast as we can to rectify this and will be sending corrected promotion details to impacted customers as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

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