Koodo Increases Price of Tab Mid and Tab Plus Plan Requirement to $60/month

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Telus-owned Koodo looks to have increased the minimum plan price required to jump on a Tab Mid or Tab Plus option when purchasing a new smartphone.

Koodo’s Tab plans essentially loan you an amount up front, that you repay over 24 months in equal payments. In order to jump on a Tab plan, you need to pick a minimum monthly plan.

Tab Plus offers a $792 loan, repaid over 24 months at $33 per month. The minimum plan required for this is now $60 per month, instead of $56.

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The same minimum plan increase to $60 also applies to Tab Mid, which offers a $360 loan upfront, repaid at $15 per month for 24 months.

A $60 plan includes 10GB of data, to go with unlimited Canada-wide calling and international SMS and MMS. Data overages are billed at a whopping $130/1GB at Koodo.

The other Tab Plus and Mid plan available is $65 for 15GB of data.

Previously, the minimum monthly plan for Tab Mid and Plus was $56 per month according to RFD, but the recent $4 price hike results in an extra $48 paid per year to Koodo.

Back in January of this year, the minimum plans for Tab Plus and Tab Mid were starting at $52 per month. It has since increased 15% in four month’s time.