Koodo Price Increase: Entry Tab Medium Plan Jumps to $55, Tab Small to $45, with Less Data [u]

Koodo tab medium $55 IIC

A lot can happen in three weeks in the Canadian wireless world when it comes to price changes. Telus flanker brand Koodo has again increased the minimum monthly plan price for a Tab Medium contract for new users.

Back in late March, Koodo increased the minimum plan price for Tab Medium from $45 to $50 per month, for a plan with 4GB data and 500 Canada-wide anytime minutes and unlimited texting.

Now, Tab Medium has increased yet again, with the minimum plan now $55 per month, which includes 2GB data and unlimited minutes and messaging. The $5 increase has added unlimited minutes, but reduced data by half.

Also, it appears Tab Small has also received a price increase for its minimum plan, now requiring a $45 per month plan instead of the previous $35 per month. The $45 entry plan includes unlimited minutes and messaging and pay-per-use data at $10 for 100MB.

The next Tab Small plan is $55 and includes 2GB of data with unlimited minutes and messaging.

What does this mean? For those looking to sign Tab Small and Tab Medium contracts to get the $240 and $360 upfront loans respectively, will need to pay more for their monthly plans, which now also include less data.

Telus recently spent $931 million in the federal government’s 600 MHz wireless spectrum auction.

Update: Clarified to note the price increase is only for new customers taking on Tab Small and Tab Medium contracts.

Thanks MJKT