Koodo Tab Contributions Rising to 15%, New 24 Month Tab Guarantee Coming

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Koodo is about to introduce a new tiered Tab structure this month based on subsidy amounts, soon to be available as the following (via MobileSyrup):

  • Tab Small: $0 – 150 (original Tab)
  • Tab Medium: $150.01 – 300;
  • —$5 monthly Tab Charge until $0 balance
  • —requires $30 or greater monthly plan
  • Tab Large: $300.01 – 500;
  • —$5 monthly Tab Charge until $0 balance
  • —requires Tab Large Plans
So basically the new monthly Tab Charge is in addition to the 15% Tab Contribution customers will be paying until their balance reaches zero, which Koodo now ‘guarantees’ will be in 24 months or less.

If you want a large subsidy on an expensive smartphone such as the iPhone, you’ll be paying it off faster monthly within two years, which looks like a move to satisfy the CRTC Wireless Code, which will allow Canadians to cancel contracts after two years.