Koodo Website Gets Redesigned with New Colours, Simpler Navigation

Telus flanker brand Koodo Mobile has unveiled a website redesign today, which features a simpler design and easier navigation, to go with new colours.

The old Koodo website featured bright neon colours which were front and centre when the company still had its El Tabador mascot.

The new design, as seen in the screenshots below, offers a much cleaner design and is probably the easiest Canadian carrier website to navigate and digest plan information, with ample white space between sections, to make it easier on the eyes.

Koodo mobile website redesign

The site has a responsive design, so it will be optimized no matter what device you are browsing it with.

Koodo website redesign

Canada’s wireless carriers periodically release new website redesigns, which are usually too complex in nature, overwhelming customers when it comes to picking a plan or trying to find out specific information. But this latest Koodo Mobile site design is actually very simple and easy to use. Well done.

Thanks Manpreet