Public Mobile Price Increase: $40/4GB Plan Jumps 25%, Koodo Switcher Promo Offered [u]

Update 2: Public Mobile has reversed their decision–the $40/4GB plan will now stay.

Update: Here’s how to file a CCTS complaint against Public Mobile.

Telus-owned Public Mobile has notified customers today via text message their precious $40/4GB plan ($120 for 12GB over 90 days) is increasing in price by 25%, jumping by $10 per month, to a total of $150 over 90 days.

Public mobile koodo

Clearly, existing customers of this plan are unhappy about this. The Public Mobile Community Forums have a 32 page thread already about the price increase, with many calling on customers to file a complaint with the CCTS about the 25% price hike.

According to Public Mobile, when they first launched this plan, they told customers:

If you have signed up for the promotional plan, you will be able to keep it after the promo period, as long as you are an active customer. This means that, as long as you are an active customer on this plan, your plan price will remain at $120, even after your initial 90 days. No surprises.

You can read the promise–which appears to be broken–in its entirety below:

According to Public Mobile, customer account balances such as credits will not transfer to Koodo:

Public Mobile is explaining to customers their Service Terms, which customers agree to when they activate, allow them to modify them at any time, which includes price increases:

But wait! If you don’t want this price increase, Public Mobile says you can jump on a $40/4GB ‘promo’ with sister brand Koodo, available until March 15th, 2018. This switcher plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling instead of provincial minutes, and includes a one-time $100 bill credit.

Telus looks like it wants to gain more valuable postpaid customers, by forcing Public Mobile users to switch over to Koodo.

Back in September, Rogers’ flanker brand Fido increased the price of their $40/4GB plan by $5.

What are you going to do? Stick with Public Mobile or take up the offer of switching over to Koodo?

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