Public Mobile Promo for Freedom Mobile Customers: $50/8GB 3G Plan + 108GB Data Bonus

Looks like Telus is stepping up its efforts to lure over Freedom Mobile customers to its prepaid brand, Public Mobile, as a new limited time promo plan has emerged.

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According to Public Mobile’s website, a new $50/8GB 3G plan with unlimited Canada/US talk and international messaging is available, only for Freedom Mobile customers. This plan comes with a 108GB data bonus over 24 months (one-time use), which works out to 4.5GB extra data per month—or $50/12.5GB.

The fine print says a Freedom Mobile customer “must port their number in from Freedom to Public Mobile to be eligible (remember your account number has both numbers and letters in it),” on a 30-day plan with unlimited Canada/USA talk and 8GB 3G data. Within 7 days, the bonus data will be applied to the plan.

Public Mobile says if customers switch plans, they will lose their 4.5GB monthly data. The same goes if they leave Public Mobile in under 24 months.

The $50/8GB plan is eligible for the $2 off AutoPay reward, so effectively you’re paying $48/12.5GB.

This move by Telus looks to counter the recent Freedom Mobile promo, offering a $43 per month plan with 9.5GB of mixed LTE and 3G data.

For new Freedom Mobile customers unhappy with the company’s network coverage, a switch over to Public Mobile means nationwide coverage on the Telus LTE network, as 3G data plans are just throttled LTE speeds.

With Boxing Day coming up, I wonder what other wireless promos we might see pop up. Maybe the return of the $60/10GB holiday plan?

Anyone going to make the switch from Freedom Mobile to Public Mobile? Email tips if you require a referral, which will get you a $25 bill credit (ends on December 16, 2018).