TELUS 4G Network Implements ‘Wireless Video Experience Optimization’

TELUS says it has recently completed its implementation of Wireless Video Experience Optimization for its 4G network (Koodo included), which aims to reduce network congestion, lower data usage, increase video load speeds and lowers the chances for stalls while loading video on your smartphone. Similar network optimizations for video have also been implemented by Verizon and AT&T in the USA, along with over 500 carriers worldwide.

The company says it has gradually rolled out the technology across the country and notified the CRTC as required under Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMP) rules, explains their Director of Broadband Policy, Craig McTaggart.

As for the types of video files affected? Only internet videos based on Flash and MPEG4 streamed over their 4G network are affected (not Wi-Fi). Videos downloaded, FaceTime, live chats, Skype or gaming are not affected. TELUS clarifies when the optimization technology kicks in their FAQ:

The level of optimization will differ depending on the video being streamed. For example, videos delivered to a device with a high resolution screen will not be optimized, in order to ensure the quality of the video remains the same. Streaming videos delivered to a device with a low/medium resolution screen will benefit most from optimization.

TELUS says users who have concerns over network video performance should send feedback via the TELUS Network Experience app, launched last month.

Have you noticed differences in videos streamed over the TELUS 4G network recently?