Telus Asks Public Mobile Customers for Feedback, Offers Amazon Gift Card

Telus roaming study

Telus is inviting select Public Mobile customers to participate in a feedback survey, related to international roaming services and features, according to an email seen by iPhone in Canada.

The feedback is being organized by the independent and international research firm, Schlesinger Group. According to the firm, they are interested in customer opinions and experiences, noting there are no incorrect answers. Feedback provided by participants will be used to improve future products and services. Telus says feedback is anonymously collected and not shared with third parties.

The feedback session for participants will be in the form of an online interview that will span one hour, through a recorded video chat using Google Meet. Telus says customers participating will get an $80 Amazon gift card, while noting spaces are limited for the survey, which is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The gift card will be provided within 10 days of participating in the survey.

Those interested are directed to a Google Form to answer some questions indicating they have an internet connection that supports video and if they agree to the terms.

iPhone in Canada reader, Doug, says the flaw with roaming on Public Mobile is you can only purchase data packages once per travel session. If you buy a 10-day data add-on and use it up before the 10 days are over, you won’t be able to buy another one. This can mean a customer can get stranded without internet while travelling, as you need a data connection to log into the Public Mobile website to buy more data.