Telus Health Launches Babylon App: Visit a Doctor via iPhone or Android

Telus babylon health

Apps allowing you to visit a doctor through your smartphone aren’t exactly new, but now Telus Health is jumping into the foray with the launch of their Babylon app for iOS and Android users, partnering with the London, England-based company.

Currently available in B.C. only at launch, Babylon by Telus Health “allows you to check symptoms, consult with doctors and easily access your clinical records.”

Telus babylon app ios

The app’s free Symptom Checker is powered by artificial intelligence and “draws on more than 500 million streams of medical knowledge”, built by doctors, explains Telus. Users answer a variety of questions about their symptoms and then suggests possible causes and what steps to take next.

Video consultations can be booked directly within the app, with licensed B.C. doctors, straight from your iPhone or Android smartphone, no matter where you are.

Users will also be able to get prescriptions (and choose which pharmacy they want to pick it up at) and referrals for tests and specialists, with doctors notes and prescription history available securely in the Babylon app.

There’s also an option to allow for you to record your consultation with the doctor, so you can replay them later in the future, for reference.

Telus says virtual doctor consultations are only available for users in B.C. at the moment, with plans to expand to other provinces in the future. The Symptom Checker feature of the app, is available for everyone in English, however.

Babylon is targeting Canadians who currently do not have a family doctor or those who want to seek non-emergency care during after hours, such as on weekends.

“TELUS Health is leveraging the power of technology to improve health outcomes for all Canadians because we believe that by giving people the right tools, information and support we can empower them to manage their own health leading to healthier, happier lives,” said Juggy Sihota, vice president, TELUS Health, in an issued statement to iPhone in Canada.

Telus just concluded their media event at Telus Garden today in downtown Vancouver, to make the Babylon announcement.

For users in B.C., doctor consultations are covered under the province’s Medical Services Plan (MSP). For those in B.C. not covered under MSP, doctor consultations cost $34.18 per appointment.

Download links: Babylon for iOS; Babylon for Android