Telus/Koodo Getting Former Customers from China Mobile Canada’s CMLink

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Back in December 2021 it was reported the Canadian federal government asked China Mobile’s subsidiary in Canada, CMLink, to cease operations over potential security concerns.

CMLink had a storefront in Richmond, B.C., and told new customers SIM cards would only work if activated by January 5, 2022.

Now, it appears Telus and Koodo will be the favoured recipients of former CMLink customers in Canada.

According to a notice posted recently on the CMLink website, it states March 31, 2022 is the last day for CMLink’s network to operate in Canada. Moving forward, CMLink customers can get porting information from Telus to continue service with their existing mobile number.

CMLink customers can get some special plans when they port over to Koodo, according to ‘Thatdealguy’ on RFD. Porting plans include the following:

  • $20/month and 1000 long distance minutes
  • $35/12GB and 1000 long distance minutes
  • $40/20GB and 1000 long distance minutes

Those porting over to Koodo won’t need to pay an activation fee or SIM card fee, plus first bills won’t kick into effect until April 30, 2022. Credit checks will be required and passports from China will reportedly be accepted, as part of an exception for CMLink customers.

To get these special Koodo plans for CMLink customers, you need to have an existing CMLink number when porting over, which can be done at any Koodo kiosk.