Telus Launches PureFibre Internet 300/300, Offers $55/Month for 6 Months Promo

Telus has launched PureFibre Internet 300/300, in what appears to be a response to Shaw’s recent launch of Internet 300 earlier this week.

Telus internet 300 300

The Telus website lists PureFibre with 300 Mbps download and upload speeds, along with free installation and Advanced Wi-Fi modem rental and unlimited monthly data allowance.

A current promotion offers Internet 300/300 at $55 per month for the first six months, on a two-year term, matching Shaw’s promo for Internet 300. It’s worth noting Shaw Internet 300 only has upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps, versus up to 300 Mbps with Telus PureFibre.

According to one RFD user and current Shaw customer in BC, Telus offered PureFibre Internet 300/300 for $54 for the first three months, then $110 per month, for month-to-month pricing. The 2-year term pricing was $54 for the first six months, then $110 per month.

Telus PureFibre Internet is only available in areas where fibre optic lines installed, which for now is only in BC and Alberta.