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Videotron iPhone 5c Starts at $49.95, iPhone 5s at $229.95 on Contract

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Screenshot 2014 03 28 10 21 31

A couple weeks ago Videotron announced they would finally be carrying the iPhone on their AWS network and today marks the launch, surely a move to help boost subscribers, which the company has always wanted.

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Both iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s on contract will require a minimum monthly plan of $69.95 per month. Contract pricing is the exact same as other carriers except the 16GB iPhone 5c starts at $49.95 (probably promo pricing; normally $129.95) cheaper than everyone else right now.

While this marks the official launch of the iPhone on Videotron, late unlocked AWS iPhone 5 users have long been using their phones on the network. Any Videotron customers excited about this?

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